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lunedì 28 gennaio 2008

Interview with Gemma Correll


a) Gemma Correll


a)Norwich, UK

q)Contact info.?

q)How did you get started making art?

a)I was always most interested in a project at school when it involved drawing. I loved making posters and my own comics. I got to get out of lessons sometimes to make posters and drawings for school events, and I would make little story books to give to my friends. This love of drawing and narrative continued all the way through high school, where it often got me out of P.E. lessons, which I loathed. So, it was obvious that I should go to art school and study illustration.

q)How would you describe your art?

a)Other people have described it as “naïve” and childlike. I would agree with that, I think. I’d also say that it’s simple and usually narrative based.
q)Where do you get the inspiration for your art?

a)I am an obsessive collector of magazines, books and papers, I love anything from the 1940’s-60’s, like children’s annuals, tickets, postcards and wrapping papers. These things provide me with a lot of inspiration. Also, just looking at other illustrators’ work inspires me.

q)What other artists inspire you?

a)I love the work of Sara Fanelli, her collages are just beautiful. I also like the simplicity of Tom Gauld’s cartoons and Simone Lia’s characters. I love Beatrice Alemagna’s children’s books. I like the way she can vary her style to suit the nature of the particular book.

q)Where can someone purchase your works?

a)I sell work on my website as well as through several UK retail outlets, including Edinburgh’s Red Door gallery and Frank in Whistable. I also organise craft fairs in Norwich, where I sell my own work alongside other’s.

q)What is your main medium of choice?

a)I like the simplicity of drawing, using pen and ink and coloured pencil. For more colour and pattern, I like to add collage.

q)What are you working on now?

a)I am working on a book. It is about my cat Olli, who died a few years ago and the love I felt for him. I am also constantly producing personal work for my website and to sell.

q)What advice could you give to someone who wants to be an artist?

a)Don’t give up! It can be very hard at times to believe in yourself when you are not getting any work and you have no money. You never know what might happen tomorrow.

q) What are you doing when you are not creating art?

a)Reading books and magazines, rearranging my desk, dancing around my studio to the Hairspray soundtrack, hanging out with my boyfriend, drinking coffee, browsing in charity shops, kidnapping the next door neighbour’s cat…

q) What does music, in its entirety, mean to you?

a)Music means a lot to me. It is an essential background for my studio work. I share a studio with my boyfriend- sometimes I will force him to listen to musicals, but I think it’s good for him really. Music can create an atmosphere, I love listening to swing music and bands like the Puppini sisters because they really influence my style of work.

q) What does art, in its entirety, mean to you?

a)It means everything. If I didn’t have art, I would be lost.

q) Are there some web sites that You would like to recomend? Artists, art communities, xxx,...!?


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