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mercoledì 23 gennaio 2008

Interview with Flavio Morais


a)Flavio Morais



q)Contact info...?

q)How did you get started making art?

a)Spontaneously,…without any plans.

q)How would you describe your art?

a)That of a self made illiterate.

q)Where do you get the inspiration for your art?

a)From the shop signs of the favelas, the art made by those who have no idea what art means, popular graphics made in Bahia,Africa, outsiders and art brut.

q)What other artists inspire you?

a)Minelvino, Dila, Chris Hipkiss, Taxali, Bispo do Rosário.

q)Where can someone purchase your works?

a)Through my website, at my studio or in the gallery where I sometime make an exhibition.

q)What is your main medium of choice?

a)Black felt pen, pencils and acrilics.

q)What are you working on now?

a)Now I’m working in a big mural painting for a company that rents illumination material for TV, Cine and Photos.

q)What advice could you give to someone who wants to be an artist?

a)Be yourself.

q) What are you doing when you are not creating art?

a)Sharing life with Carole, watching films, reading, playing with Pishu and Pixel, MacCintoshing, etc

q) What does music, in its entirety, mean to you?

a)Turn the music off and there will be no Flavio Morais anymore.

q) What does art, in its entirety, mean to you?

a)It’s the air I breath.

q) Are there some web sites that You would like to recomend? Artists, art communities, xxx,...!?

Bispo do Rosário,

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