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lunedì 3 marzo 2008

Interview with Erlend Mørk

q) Well, first of all please tell us a little about yourself.

a)I am a symbolist photographer of some sort, twenty-four years old and living in Norway.

q) Had you always planned on being an artist [or had you other hopes]?

a)I don't call myself an artist, and I never will. I never planned to create images or anything else. This was not discovered until recent years.

q) Do you have a preferred medium to work on? Why?

a)I use cameras and computers because this is what I have learned to use. But I hope to expand to more tools.

q) How would you describe your style?

a)Currently my web site states “dark symbolism” as these words seems accurate to me. Surrealist and symbolist by content, and horror, gothic or simply dark might describe the visual style. If there is a word to say vehemently opposed to modern art and human folly, this would be it.

q) Do you go through any certain processes while trying to produce your work?

a)I spend a lot of time just thinking about abstract concepts. I try to probe deeply into the essence of existence with as little as possible regard to previous conceptions. What I am trying to say is that I am hammering my head in the wall, and it somehow becomes ideas and pictures in the end.

q) What are you working on at present?

a)I am always working on the next image. No particular projects. Currently three images are in the works, and a larger number are waiting and developing in the back of my head.

q) What about recent sources of inspirations?

a)The music of Die Form, Nick Cave and Ataraxie.

q) What are some of your obsessions?

a)Knowledge, clarity. To be able to think unaffected by personal desires.

q) Which galleries have you shown at and which galleries would you like to show at?

a)So far Galleri Frie Kunster in Oslo is worth mentioning. I have no particular galleries in mind for the future. Wherever interested people would show up is where I'd like to exhibit. But I think I might be better of long-term by concentrating more on my actual creative work just now.

q) If people would like to contact you, how would you like to be contacted?

a)E-mail or telephone are probably the easiest ways to get in touch. My web site lists these details which might change occasionally.

q) Do you have any suggestions or advice for artists that are just starting out?

a)Study your subject matter, constantly rethink what you are doing, be focused and your worst critic. Don't give in to what is considered correct art by the art authorities in your time/place.
q) Who are your favorite artists?
a)Nerdrum, Giger and Rembrandt. I also have a great appreciation for music, literature and movies. Other forms of expression but they are all the same to me.

q) What books are on your nightstand?

a)No nightstand, but scattered around are Promethean Ambitions (Newman), Zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance (Pirsig), Themes (Nerdrum), Dream (Santerineross) and Going back (Richards). I read too many books simultaneously.. And I fail to finish many of them.

q) To what weaknesses are you most indulgent?

a)Apathy. More planning than action.

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