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mercoledì 9 aprile 2008

Interview with Jonathan Ryan Storm

q) Well, first of all please tell us a little about yourself.

a) My full name is Jonathan Ryan Storm.I live in the mountains of madness in southern Vermont, where it's now spring.

q) Had you always planned on being an artist [or had you other hopes]?

a) Early on, I was a young craftsman of tall tales. Once I told my visiting grandparents that my friend and I had built a ski mountain behind the garage, but they couldn't see it because it was closed for renovations. Beyond that, I always wanted to draw.

q) Do you have a preferred medium to work on? Why?

a) Black pen on white paper usually. Lately I've been using pencils, or trying to anyway.

q) How would you describe your style?

a) Repetition. Drawings of migraines. A hammering out, so to speak.

q) Do you go through any certain processes while trying to produce your work?

a) Since I work on a small scale, I try to slow things down like my heartbeat and breath. Willard Wigan taught me that.

q) What are you working on at present?

a) Pieces for an upcoming group show in Brattleboro, Vermont.

q) What about recent sources of inspirations?

a) Stan Brakhage, D.T. Suzuki, my girlfriend and Islands Fold. Last week's surgery might be the biggest inspiration ever, though.

q) What are some of your obsessions?

a) some of my obsessions? Details. Coffee. Chewable Acidophilus.

q) Which galleries have you shown at and which galleries would you like to show at?

a) Albus Cavus in its many different guises. I had work traveling with J&L to galleries in Atlanta and Seattle. Does my house count as a gallery?

q) If people would like to contact you, how would you like to be contacted?

q) Do you have any suggestions or advice for artists that are just starting out?

a) eat good food, exercise, and stay up late.

q) Who are your favorite artists?

a) Stephen Wiltshire, Luke Ramsey, Jim Woodring, Elvis Studio, Diane Arbus, Kim Hiorthøy, Jordan Crane, Brendan Leach, Anders Nilsen, Kevin Huizenga, Dan Zettwoch, The Front. I bet my cats would be great artists. John Cage knew what was happening.

q) What books are on your nightstand?

a) The Secret Life of Plants. Cat Fancy Magazine.

q) To what weaknesses are you most indulgent?

a) It used to be soda pop. Now it's Polar Seltzer. Cranberry Lime!
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