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giovedì 22 giugno 2017

Léo Maximus

Born in Paris in 1975, Leo Maximus draws since childhood. He studied drawing, graphics, fashion design and design textile. After working for Haute Couture, Leo thought he was not done for the job. He left drawing and started a career in entertainment and the world of show business. He became artistic coach. A few years ago, Leo took his brushes back and never left them since. Hesitating first, he was quickly encouraged to go on. The more he worked on his technic, the more his thirst for excellency increased. Today Leo lives in Pigalle next to the famous Moulin Rouge. He is a workaholic always improving his touch. On request, he makes the portraits of private individuals, drawings of bills for the famous parisian cabarets or elsewhere. Leo is often asked by the artistic community, singers, dancers, musicians, transformists. He is very close to burlesque and the parisian nights. Great artists like the photographers Pierre et Gilles or the former French star singer of the 80s Desirless, ask Leo for his services. He has impressed American art collectors. Leo suffers of not being able to answer to all requests. He would like to do everything, He needs also to make personal artwork for himself. His universe is inspired by passed worlds, his souvenirs as a child, by the tales of his Italian grand parents. His inspired by lots of supports, like a glorious past, ancient post cards, old posters, films, songs. He works hard to give a certain charm to male nudity in an old fashioned and distinguished way. Leo prefers elegance to vulgarity, sophistication to commonness, suggestion to raw. He has a strong and determined character but his work overflows with softness, delicacy and sensuality, as much as a sweet tender kiss given in the shadow of a popular tree.