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lunedì 9 marzo 2009

michelangelo▲ / MichelAngelo BonaRoti

I've known MiclaAngelo recently on flickr....
he's an wonderful artist&person and a
good friend...read his incredible story...

My screen name is not a fantasy. It's my real identity.
Not chosen artistically but discovered naturally.
I'm a 48-year-old guy, born in Rio de Janeiro.
In my youth, when I was passionately immersed
in the world of surfing, a weird event brought to
my consciousness the innermost dimensions of myself.
It was the summer of 1979.
In the early 80's, after
some supernatural experiences, my childish cartoon-like
drawings changed very fast, in a very strange way.
The transformation was huge. Lines that usually outlined
waves, surfers and surfboards became anatomically
guided by some kind of heart's music (See Set 1980).
Suddenly I found that my hand had acquired the uncanny
ability to create Renaissence-like human figures.
At that point, everyone noticed in my drawings the
style of Michelangelo and called my attention to this.
I didn't know who he was and nothing else about art's
history. Surfing was my world and I had no intention
to change my way of living (See Set 1981 and Set 1982).

But the year of 1983 started with one of the most
supernatural experiences of my life: the remembering
of Vittoria Colonna's death just in front of me
(She was the only woman with whom Michelangelo
had a close relationship). Sunk in the emotional
turmoil, my life turned upside down and a shocking
conclusion rose after this memory: I am
Michelangelo Buonarroti (See Set 1983).
The battle
between the normal logic of being and the madness
that I was involved in took place. The result of this
battle is the wood structure called Icarus (this
sculpture was created to allow me an accurate
comparison with the Rebel Slave), where I found
a lot of 3-dimensional qualities defining my natural
identity with Michelangelo (See Set Ícaro).
I kept
this secret for 25 years.
The last decade I spent trying to pretend to be a
normal guy with a normal life, but I'm not. Even
though there are unsolved mysteries in the experiences
I've been involved in, there is something I can't delay
revealing anymore: Eurico Poggi and Michelangelo
Buonarroti are the same person.