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lunedì 13 ottobre 2008

Interview with Enrique Servin

q) What is your name and what do you do?

a)Enrique Servin, I’m finishing film school and I teach drawing and painting

I like to read and observe all what surrounds me.

q) When did you really get into art?

a)I started drawing at 12, and I started writing at 14

q) How did you come to the realization that you should try your luck at art on a more serious level?

a)When my life was guided in every aspect to keep painting, we have to hear our deepest voices.

q)How did you discover the particular style that you have?

a)Just working, observing, living, feeling. No technical knowledge can give me this magic of being alive sensing everything.

q)How would you describe your style?

a)No words of describing, just observation, and sensations, everything changes every moment.

q)Who or what influences your art?

a)Everything that I see

q)How often do you create a new piece?

a)When a new series comes, I can do 1 or 2 daily, when this feeling of maximum creativity comes, its like putting a lot of ingredients to make a soup , when its ready you can serve many many plates.

q)What kind of success have you had with your art?

a)Feeling alive, knowing myself, making other people observe.

q)What would be the ultimate goal for you and your art?

a)Help people with my art, like foundation work, help people to use art as a way of living , no in the money side , more into the interior side.

q)What do you see as an accomplishment in the way of art?

a)Knowing you better.

q)What kind of message, if any, do you try to convey through your art?

a)Know yourself, loving yourself, loving everything that surrounds you.

q) Sum up your art in one word.


q)Any additional comments?

q)…your contacts…

a)my girlfriend Adry del rocio, www.adrydelrocio.com

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