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martedì 4 maggio 2010

''I TAROCCHI DELL'ARCHETIPO BLU''....by Claudio Parentela

Wowwowwoooooowwwww!!!!!!!!....&yes....out just now and just in these days my new Tarots' deck....I've called them ''I TAROCCHI DELL'ARCHETIPO BLU''.... Do you like them...but naturally yes.... surely yes!!!!!! They are editions directly cared by the Museum of Tarots and chosen between artists’ works from all around the world to leave a trace in the contemporary history of tarots.These handbooks are editions with precious chacharacteristic, in which are producted the Arcana in a small series from 500 to 1000 samples. to buy them ...go to: http://www.museodeitarocchi.net http://www.claudioparentela.net

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